The original permeable sweep-in jointing compound


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Immensely Strong, Extremely Light, Amazingly Versatile, Highly Portable

EASYClickBase can be used in conjunction with any regulated depth of surface paving, including concrete, natural stone, and porcelain products.

The unique design and strength makes it suitable for virtually any application.

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Jointology is the science of proper jointing for all kinds of small element paving from cobble to flags. Jointology encompasses an integral part of the overall art of Hardscaping, we are all experienced hardscape installers at AZPECTS and we will cover all elements that make up the Hardscaping business with a particular emphasis on proper jointing.

Heavy duty and slightly permeable epoxy resin jointing compound for residential and commercial applications.
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EASYPorcelain Transparent Background

A high-performance cleaner for all types of porcelain tiles, pavers, marble, granite and terracotta.

This powerful & effect water-based cleaner is a non-acidic & noncaustic soda formula that is fast-acting and safe to use leaving a pleasant cherry odor. Results can be seen quickly without leaving any water marks.

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