Azpects is headquartered in the town of Ipswich in the United Kingdom and specializes in manufacturing and distributing hardscaping products to the European and North American construction marketplace.

Azpects was formed in 2009 just after the collapse of the banking system and subsequently the UK property market. Not exactly the best time to start a business targeting a market place when demand for building type products was low and forecast to go even lower.

However, the two founding directors were inspired by a product they had discovered and despite the tough economic climate, were convinced there was a market for it. And so, in January 2010, the first Azpects product went on the market, EASYJoint. From that small start, selling just a few pallets in their first 6 months, the company has gone from strength to strength.

Led by the directors and a small team of key advisors, the company has a wealth of experience in the building/landscaping sector covering a variety of skill sets from working at the sharp end to product research and development. Our technical advisors have a history of more than 30 years in the chemical industry, specializing in finding solutions to building industry problems.

Two of the directors come from the service industry and recognize the benefits gained for both the supplier and consumer from delivering excellent customer service. Their dedication to try at all times to meet or exceed customer's expectations has shaped the way the company has developed and has played a large part in its fast growth. The rest of the Azpects team all perform specialist roles and we are pleased to say have, for the most part, grown with the company.


Geoff Whitcher

President of Azpects USA

Geoff has over 40 years experience in the hardscape industry and has been involved in some of the most prestigious and groundbreaking projects across the globe. Geoff was born in Portsmouth in the UK and has been in Dallas since 1985. Geoff was a founding member of the ICPI, serving on the installation committee and has developed an excellent reputation in the design, installation and forensic aspects of hardscape construction.